• In the fiftees although malayalees in indore could be counted on fingertips, a samajam was started in the name of kerala club. At that time the main objective was to meet and spend time together and exchange family news. Members with whole family, bachlors and spinsters used to meet on every sunday afternoon, play cards, carroms etc. and sing songs for about 2 hours and then disperse. gradually the population started increasing. We celebrated Onam and Christmas every year.
    Even in those days we have a dream to start a school. but though many people came forward, somehow or other it could not materialize for a very long time. in 2001, our dream came tru with the begining but we all not so easy to get children in the begining but we alltried our level best to get as many children as possible. We all should visit the school and see how it is running. In my opinion our school looks very attractive has good teachers and providers every facility for the children.
    I'm very much happy to know that our samajam has purchased our own school building and the same is running succesfully and we are now into the break evenpoint. I request each one of you to participate more in samajam's developemental activities whole heartedle. Do not leave  this as a responsibility of the managing committee only but all the malayalees of indore
    - K.V. Mathews (Patron)

  • Dear Friends,
    ď Bharatham ennu kettal abhimana pooritha maganam antharangam Keralam ennu kettal thilakanam chora narambukalil Ö.
    So goes the poetís imagination.
    Indore has felt the presence of Keralites for almost a century. Our Patron reached in Indore in the year 1951. Those days there were about six Keralite families. Since then Indore has grown so are the Keralites, who are doing extremely well in different walks of life. The Indore Keraleeya Samajam founded in 1967 by few young, dynamic and social conscious people under the leadership of Shri.K.V.Mathews has become a synonym of social service.

    Keralites are known for their sincerity, hard work and dedication. A large number of Keralites are working in the noblest sectors like healthcare , education besides in other business. Indore Keraleeya Samajam has always been in the forefront of social service. We felt the necessity of a School in Indore for the common man, who can not afford exorbitant fees structures for imparting good education to their children. The starting of the school under the aegis of the Samajam added a feather to its cap. As a first step we purchased a land and building with the help of contributions made by our members, proving the sense of our social conscience.

    We would like to express our sincere gratitude all respected members and benefactors who are helping us in all our endeavors in social service. Indore being the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh there will certainly be more opportunities and challenges ahead. Let us face it together and place the Samajam and its activities as best examples for other similar organizations to follow.
    Thanking you,
    I remain,
    Joseph Thomas (President)

  • ;

    Greetings to all from the New Committee of Indore keraleeya Samajam.

     It is with great hope and expectations that I take the helm of our Association. As Secretary of the Indore Keraleeya Samajam, I am immensely privileged to work together with a team of enthusiastic, talented and dedicated people. We plan to collaborate by integrating fresh ideas and suggestions in continuing to bring to IKS that we have all enjoyed over the past years.

    Our cultural heritage is unique and a sense of community always plays a significant role in our well being. Our vision is to assist and promote social, cultural and recreational activities for the benefit of the community, thereby enhancing and enriching our cultural values. 

    As we look forward to a better and strong future for the community, we wish to recognize and appreciate all the hard work and dedication that has gone into creating a rich history. We are certain that any success from the past or that can be expected from the future will not be possible without the participation and efforts of volunteers. We would like to congratulate our community on its success and hope for continued flourishment.

    Warmest Regards,
    Anil Nair (Secretary)

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